17 August 2010

Gone Shopping!

At least that will be the sign hung on my condo door tonight. Leaving The Beans at home with H and the laundry (and rumors that he's having a friend over to smoke stogies), hooking up with BlueSuitGirl, and heading to The Mall.


The Mall.

Before you jump all over me for it, here's my rationale:
  • Need affordable (but not cheap) work clothes
  • Need clothes that fit
  • Need to do it in one evening
 And Banana's having a one-night 25% off $100 or more sale.

I've long been a proponent of their suiting pieces. They generally fit me well (or used to, we'll see), are made well (only reason I'm about to retire my grey pinstriped suit is because I wore it with flats one too many times and have frayed the hem), and won't break the bank entirely. Their wool-blend pieces fit right into the "you get what you pay for" range of quality over cost.

So. We'll just have to see whether Banana or any of the other standbys (I've been known to find fun pieces even at places like Ann Taylor or Express) come through.

They'd better. I meet my new Big Boss on Thursday.


Here's thinking...

A navy suit with cute puffy sleeves? (Banana)

Ruffled sweater(s). Love the doubled up look here, but doubt I can pull it off on this post-baby bosom. (Banana)

Cropped, boxy tweed jacket. I'm a sucker for a bracelet or 3/4 sleeve. Ever so ladylike. (Ann)

More navy, in a fitted yet comfy sweater that will be waaaay too hot for the office, but I'll wear anyway because somehow it's sculptured bulk is flattering (Ann)

Part of my sought-after pieces - cute jackets. As a broad-shouldered girl, it's hard for me to find ones that fit well, but maybe, just maybe, these ruffles and rosettes will work (Nick & Mo, Nordstrom)

And not anywhere on the range of "work," "value," or "practical," this adorable mini. A girl has to have something to wear to the DSS, right? (Tory Burch, Nordstrom)

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