20 August 2010

I did it!

I bought Real Clothes.

BlueSuitGirl and I shopped - rapid fire - last Tuesday night. We took advantage of a Banana Republic one-night sale (25% the whole store) and hit up Lord and Taylor. We wanted to use a foursquare deal at Gap, but never made it there. So...

Yeah. Black and white - and not re(a)d all over. Ok, a little pink. That sweater's an amazing, vibrant color. Wore the suit (pants version) with the pink sweater and the shoes on Thursday for some Big Meetings, and got compliments all. day. long. Especially on the shoes.

The key piece though? They fit. The pieces all fit. While I'm not at my best right now (and am even less so after the Papa John's that sits scattered around me right now), a well-fitting piece does so much.

Now...to find a few more sweaters or blouses. That's the next trip.


Miss Scarlet said...



love banana republic!
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