12 November 2010

Rapid Returns

I really need to post more often. The farther apart my posts, the sillier my "headlines." Sorry.

So Mama scored A Day to Myself yesterday. I took the day meant to honor our veterans, said prayers of thanks for them, and left the kids with H. I had errands to run, but I wanted to do them by myself. And I did. If you followed my tweets yesterday, you know that I was all over the place (and yes, am embarrassed about that "Overshare" badge). But in between stocking up on diaper cream and disposable static cling placemats (yeah, there are such things), I managed to snag a few pieces for myself.

I'm not as comfortable with my body right now as I'd like. I've eaten like crap and haven't made it to yoga class in 3 weeks, maybe 4. But nevertheless, I know darned well that if I have clothes that fit, I feel much better. So I was really hoping I'd score some cheap(er) pieces I could love while Up the Pike (Rockville Pike, that is).

In the end, I'm going to return one dress (did that whole "buy two, take them home, see which is really better" thing), and was going to return one sweater, but it all worked out.

And I have two Christmas dishtowels.

Mossimo "Ultrasoft" merino turtleneck. OK, for it to be this loose and comfy, you'd have to buy at least two sizes up. Seriously. I bought an XL, and it's fitted. And even at my heaviest, that's pushing it. But it's unfortunately a trend w/ Target cuts right now...everything I tried is smaller than it should be - and I'm not the only one - BlueSuitGirl reported the same thing

OK...having issues with Blogger (only one pic at a time? Really?)...so to get these pics up, I'll post a series. It'll look like I'm some majorly prolific blogger. Wheeee!

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Allie said...

For some reason the one pic at a time issue is with IE but not Firefox. No clue, it has been happening for a while.

Glad to see you posting, even if few and far between they are always a pleasure!