12 November 2010

Rapid Returns...on to the LOFT

As I was in suburbia all day yesterday, and in a relative hurry (though it is, quite frankly, amazing to wander through stores and not have to worry about The Bean trailing behind me) to get it all in (Target, Mamashopping, Container Store, BestBuy, you name it), I hit up "The Loft" (note to marketers: it's a dumb name. No matter what people call it in passing, you shouldn't name the store that). I was betting on some girly style at a reasonable price. And I found it.

While I was really on the hunt for a dress to wear to Holiday Parties, I saw these cords when I walked in, and slung a pair over my arm to try on. I've been searching for cords for years, now, and just haven't found the right pair. These fit like a glove. Thank you, LOFT, for your curvy fit. Purchased in this grey and black.

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