06 December 2010

Hoping, Wishing, Dreaming...

...and it ain't for stuff of of your list to Santa. It's for that elusive style you desperately want to wear but just can't pull it off. When I posted earlier this week, I got these responses via all forms of social media...
  • Something smaller, of course!
  • Bowties [from a gentleman]
  • Scarves or necklaces
  • Blousey tops, I'm so pair shaped that if I don't choose something tailored, I look 20lbs heavier. [Capitol Hill Style]
  • Shirtdresses don't fly with me. [ShoppingSavant]
  • I wish I had the money (and legs) to get above the knee boots. I wish I could get away with sky high heels more often. [Miss Scarlet]
For me, it's almost predictable...
  • Shirtdresses, like I posted earlier (anything belted at the waist cuts me in just the wrong place)
  • 50s-era full skirts
  • Drapey, flowy tops (like CapHillStyle, I do better in tailored. But then, doesn't most of the population, Kate Moss aside?)
  • Boutique-made-and-sold clothing (I'm at the upper end of the supposed "normal" sizing right now, so a size 10, even if they have it in stock, just ain't gonna cut it)
  • Anything Italian-made, unless it's leather goods (this Germanic body just doesn't fit into slim cut anything)
  • Pretty little cropped blazers and jackets ("little" and "cropped" just don't work for me. Last time I wore a cropped jacket, it was Halloween circa 2001, and we were going to a Pimps&Hos party. I cropped a fur jacket I found at Value Village, threw on a mini, some gold heels, and well, let's just say that some cars slowed as I waited on the corner for the rest of my crew to get money from the ATM. A little too realistic.)
So if these are the things we won't or can't wear, what are the standbys that make us feel good, no matter how bad a closet day we're having?

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Miss Scarlet said...

I always feel awesome in a black, v-neck cashmere sweater.