26 April 2011

Shop in Style: Malandrino + Online + Direct from the Designer = Dangerous

this is bad. very bad. one of my absolute favorite designers is now available direct online (vice having to go through a Neiman Marcus or some such retailer).

this is one of the very, very few times when i'm happy i'm still too large to fit into that 8 or 10.

then again, maybe she's blocked me from her site for reneging on my adoration of and agreement with her stance on flats: she will never, ever wear them, even if they're absolutely on trend.

so i'll dream for a little while. of the pretty crocheted dresses and bathing suits, rouched and draped dresses, and breezy eyelet tops.

then, by june, i'll snap one up.

Malandrino Summer 2011 Collection

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