15 June 2006

Style Dilemma: Un-Cocktail Summer Wedding

@sosarahsays tweeted for help the other day: @ @ @ Ladies: Need dress to wear to June wedding. Starts at 5:30p. Outdoor ceremony, indoor reception.Suggestions?

She later clarified she was really, really, really hoping to keep it under $200, but then, well, as we started to tweet back our suggestions, only a few of which were in that range (sorry!), she upped her limit. She also noted that it's on the Eastern Shore, if that were to play into it. Her own first pick? A pale teal fun 80s-esque number from French Connection, of which we were all skeptical, as it has a few extra ruffles where we might not want them. But inspirationally, it works.

So I did a quick browse of some favorite sites, and found these. I apparently have a new addiction to Halston Heritage, and I'm always a sucker for vintage. And we won't discuss my obsession with Catherine Malandrino. A few of these are ueber-cocktail, but my thought is that by going all out, and with careful accessory selection, you'd put yourself right back in un-cocktail land.

Summer Wedding


Elizabeth said...

I love Halston Heritage too! Became completely obsessed after the SATC movie. Great picks!

Becca said...

FYI~ I bought the South Moon Under tube dress immediately after seeing this for a wedding next weekend in VA. Will let you know how I like it!

DC Celine said...

If this is the Becca I think it is, it'll be perfect on you!

Michaeline said...

cute fits. =]