24 August 2011

Style Dilemma Solved: Fall to Summer

[yes, yes, yes, this post has technical issues. But I really wanted to get it up today. I will gladly take any suggestions on how to fix. "learn HTML" is not in the cards, however, FWIW.]

No, I didn't type that wrong.

prettyinpink emailed me this morning. It was a welcome distraction from a crazy day.

prettyinpink: Navy tan and cream stripped tunic to short to wear to work with nothing under it. Will totally do colored tights in the fall but not ready for that yet. Could do jeans but want something less bulky feeling... Leggings? What color??

DC Celine: Pencil skirt. Coffee. Just not a legging gal. But could work I suppose. Same color. Could also do bright colored skinny jeans or trousers.

[prettyinpink sends link. DC Celine sees picture]

DC Celine: ah...more navy than anything else. coffee pencil skirt - or chocolate - suggestion still stands...or a khaki one (paler, rather than tanner)

but now really think the bright jeans/trousers - skinny - which you can wear - would be awesome. esp in yellow. red = little predictable, but also good. kelly green would work, too. same colors would work in a skirt, but would be 
better in trousers. will post, definitely.

prettyinpink: i think i need to invest in colored skinny jeans....i'm thinking dark teal.  

we're a jeans office, not that only wear jeans - i'm wearing a dress now (little 
black cotton tank dress belted with a teal skinny belt and wedges) but i'd 

DC Celine: yup, belt. but w/ the skinny pencil, don't think you'd need to belt. you'd have to try it, though.

definitely get more use out of jeans than other especially in the fall/winter.  
how would you pair with a skirt?  belted?  i feel like the proportions would be off...
i say yellow. am really into yellow. and you can wear it better than i ;-)

i'm even going to try a skinny. check out www.caphillstyle.com post today (and follow her on twitter)

prettyinpink: i'm a believer that skinny can be amazing on ALMOST anyone - if it's paired right.  skinny is all about proportion.  find the right pair and do it.

i really want to wear this as a dress with thick colored tights and chunky heels (or cute flats).  it's long enough that i can pull it off at work with something under it - or nothing under it for non-work....i just don't want to wait until fall to wear it. 

So, my dear sister (yes, prettyinpink is my baby sis), I got right on it. As we exchanged emails, I dashed this together.

I still think you could go sans belt or replace the red/orange/pink or yellow with kelly green. And since you're a "jeans office," you could go buy some of those AG skinny jeans in ridiculously saturated colors I'm desperate to try.

So. Of course, once you figure it out, you must send a pic. Promise?
Summer to Fall Tunic

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