27 August 2011

Style Reboot: Baubles I Need to Wear, Part II

I'm a lucky girl. I have stylish women all around me. My grandmothers, my mother, my mother-in-law... But even luckier? The fact that I inherit their baubles, sometimes without even knowing it.
I literally don't know where this piece came from. No idea at all. I assume my mother-in-law, who has stashes and stashes of fantastic costume jewelry and vintage clothing, just put it in my jewelry box one day. Who knows how long it's been in there. But methinks I need to find a simple dress of undetermined color (black is the obvious choice, but that just seems, well, boring) and plop these sweet bangles atop.

I've only met her once, but I hear stories about her all the time. H's godmother is quite the accomplished woman, running a legal practice specializing in helping immigrants. We visited her right after we got married, on a whirlwind tour of western PA and Ohio. She gave us red cut glass goblets, , and this fantastic, massive, almost collar necklace. I've been intending now for 5 years to wear it. And I really need to find the right occasion. I used to have a one-shouldered, simple black gown (enter goddess). It would have been perfect. But it went the way of all $19.99 sale dresses. Yup.
I miss my Mom-Mom. I miss my Grandmom. Grandmom had very little in the way of shiny things. She just wasn't that kind of girl. The few pieces she did have are in my mom's jewelry box. prettyinpink and I have already assigned dibs.

I don't remember Mom-Mom as particularly stylish, though she was always put together, as women in her generation are. That being said, she apparently had a taste for pretty little things that she collected along the way. When she passed, my cousins and I literally went through the last bits of her drawers after the services. We're a very efficient family that way. My take? Bow pins, stick pins, brooches, clip earrings, and the fanciest little purse I've ever seen. As much in love with it as I am, though, I need to be deliberate and carry it soon. To an event with H, where he can carry Everything Else I Need. Yes, it is as small as it looks in the picture. It'll hold, oh, cash and a credit card. No phone, and a lipstick would probably ruin its line.

This is my closet. So what's in your closet?

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Lauren Knight said...

Oh! I'm thinking something turquoise with the first necklace! It would be beautiful with your hair!