15 September 2011

Style Dilemma Solved: What to Wear to a 44th High School Reunion

I can't take credit for this one. vtgracie, a.k.a. my baby sister, helped my Mommy get ready for her 44th high school reunion. And she pulled it off - sis with the styling, mommy with the wearing.

They picked out the pieces when Mommy was visiting Baby Sis out in the Chicago suburbs. They found both at an adorable little boutique targeted at moms: Hot Mama.

Top: Sweet Pea; Jeans: 7 for All Mankind (Baby Sis swears these, one of their stretchy trouser styles, make you feel like a sky-high model); Sandals: Cole Haan; Bracelets: vintage (I've got dibs on at least one)

I hope any boys who dissed my mommy (like the one who slipped a mickey in her coke) or mean girls who were hatin' had to take a second look. And maybe Ralph will forgive her for dating him just for his car. Mommy was a catch in high school (if I'd thought ahead, I'd have gotten a pic from her), but now, Jimmy is one lucky (if not crazy and sainted) man.

So all of you working on your ensembles for the Next Big Reunion, take note. This is the way to do it. Simple, modern, and using shapes and silouhettes that flatter.

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Allie (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

What a great top! She looks fabulous.