24 October 2011

Style Intellectual: New Ventures, Adventures

In case you haven't been following on Twitter and facebook, I am pleased to announce a lovely new way to spend your lunch hour - and not feel guilty about it, because you'll use your brain: Finessed Fashion.

Finessed's founder, Jessica Quillin, and I met online one night, as one does nowadays. I think we were critiquing the Golden Globes. Or the Miss Virginia pageant. Or both. Several DMs later, we were deep in conversation about writing - writing about fashion. And then she invited me to join her and some other brilliant, fashion-inclined minds at Finessed. I accepted.

We're building slowly but surely, carefully considering the stories and articles we create for our readers. Our readers are those - and we know you're out there, because we talk on twitter - who thirst for more than just a pretty picture, no matter how striking or smart the shot. Finessed readers want to consider, dig, know, understand, and think. Finessed readers want to know why a brand is a brand, and why a designer picks one fabric over another. Finessed readers want to compare the history of a design house to the historical progress of the neighborhood in which it resides. Finessed readers also might just be prone to mentally editing anything they read.

So I hereby invite you to read what we have to say. Then consider, dig, know, understand, and think. Because Finessed is fashion, intellectually speaking.


Rachel said...

yay! congrats ( :

DC Celine said...

Thanks, Rachel. Just caught up on your blog...you've been busy!

Anonymous said...

Be still my heart... fashion doesn't have to be flighty, it is serious business, an art form, and it empowers women worldwide to walk and work in confidence. I toast your work!

DC Celine said...

thanks, chelsea! you said it just right.