06 October 2011

Style on the Runway, in the Museum, and on the Streets

I'm no more into the zodiac than the next does-it-say-anything-good-about-today reader, but there must be some fashionable stars and planets aligning for the weekend of October 21st. Add that in with the slew of parties and runways the weekend before, and you have events upon events, all of which promise a unique view into the fashion and style scene of Washington, D.C.

So where will I be next weekend? Down tha shore. It'll be a much-needed family weekend with my parent and childhood BFF, but the closest I'll get to style is a run at the Atlantic City outlets (which I'll never knock, as I've scored some great pieces and basics there, but still...).

Then the weekend of the 21st? H is traveling on business. All weekend. For my birthday. [cue pitiful violin music and ring up Masala Art for a daily takeout order, please]

October 13 - ThirstDC's next event. Full disclosure, it's a new pet project of mine. Nouveau Nerds, they say, are the next WhereIt'sAt. Well, of course we are. Happy hour at the Bier Baron, DJ Neekola, and 5 compact talks by 5 utterly fascinating nerds. You. Need. To. Go. If you want to go, email me or DM me on twitter and I'll give you a Secret Code for a discount on the already reasonable ticket (early bird, $15).

October 14-16 - readysetDC's Fall 2011 Fashion District. A designer meet and greet Friday night, a full runway show Saturday, and, well, shopping on Sunday. Artaya, Cote Minou, DeNada Design, Derringer Friday, Durkl, Espion, Ginger Root Design, Hugh & Crye, SaintCHIC and Sika. Also a reasonably priced event, with the meet and greet at $0, and the runway show at $40, but including an open bar.

October 21 - NOW at Night. The Corcoran Gallery's NOW program features new and site-specific work from emerging and mid-career artists. This is The Event. All the cool kids (also nerdery prevailing, but of course of the artistic variety - dontcha love the DC-cool-kids-are-nerds scene. Take that, HighSchoolInCrowd!) will be there to catch the music and video projections by multimedia artist DJ Spooky, last-chance viewing of the NOW at the Corcoran exhibition Chris Martin: Painting Big, private viewing of the newly opened special exhibition 30 Americans, and the Corcoran’s collection of modern and contemporary art. Not cheap, it's $100, but absolutely worth it - if not only for the chance to put on the sparkly dress and sport the tux, just because you can.

October 21 - Pink Rocks the Runway. Here's your chance to see local darling Christian Siriano's glorious gowns up close. Raising money (tickets, even general admission, are steep) for breast cancer awareness? Yes, please. Rock and roll with Charm City Devils? Yup. Couture gowns? Yes, please, again.

If the planets realigned and found me a sitter for one night, where would I be? No offense to the other events - if I could be at them all, I would, but I'm a sucker for art. I suppose I'm a frustrated artist, as I have charcoal and paper stashed away somewhere in my drawers and closets. I've been itching to hit one of The Corcoran's events. Any volunteers?

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Serena said...

Ooo...I saw some pieces (feminine take on the ascot) from Ginger Root at Crafty Bastards and fell a bit in love. I want to make my way up to their shop.