20 October 2011

Style on the Tube: Tom Ford +

I don't usually look through the 100s of blast PR emails I get, but today, I clicked. What I got was a "happy birthday to me" plan for my solo birthday night (H will be at a conference). Tom Ford + my favorite takeout, Masala Art makes DC Celine a very happy girl.

(Sorry for not including clips. If I knew how to post them, I would. Oprah's nice PR people did include them. I'm just too un-tech-savvy to figure it out.) Details below cribbed unshamefully from the press release.

What: "Visionaries: Inside the Creative Mind" with Tom Ford Tom Ford takes viewers on an all-access journey into the world of fashion designer and filmmaker Tom Ford as he prepares to unveil his first womenswear collection after a five-year hiatus.

When: Sunday, October 23 at 8 p.m. ET

Why: This is a whole series of Smart, Creative People. I'm not usually an Oprah fan (yes, you can unlike me now), but I do wish I'd known about this series before. Totally My Kind of TV (when not watching trashy reality TV). What the press release said intrigued me:

"The hour-long documentary series follows some of the world's most iconic innovators and takes audiences inside their creative process, offering never-before-seen views of true masterminds at work.  Debuting with filmmaker Tyler Perry, and featuring fashion icon Tom Ford, filmmaker James Cameron, musician will.i.am, and world-renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz, these celebrated creative artists reveal the experiences, challenges and rewards of bringing their ideas to life.  With unprecedented access, this series provides unique insight into what made these visionaries who they are and what continues to inspire them."

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