22 November 2011

Style Dilemma: 20th Reunion Advance Work - Putting it all out there. Really

Alright, folks. You asked. Well, kinda.

Last night, a few of us had a little twitter fashion show with the options. All of them. I tried on both the 3 pretty dresses from my zappos shopping spree, but also, at H's request, pulled out some old (and newer) favorites that might work. I have the twitterverse's opinions.

Not that this is entirely a democratic process, because in the end, I'll select what I feel suits me best and the dress in which I feel the best, but in the name of good cross-media coverage, I've posted multiple views of the options in my closet on the DC Celine facebook page. Go. Look. Share your opinion.

For those of you who really need all the details to consider, this is, obviously, my 20th high school reunion. All 183 of us grew up in a small, at-the-time mostly rural Pennsylvania community that even now toys with the idea of being suburban. We have malls and such, and sometimes act as a bedroom community to Philly, but really, we still have a Community Fair. There are cows. And silage.

So some of us from the class of 1991 will gather at a reasonably nice hotel ballroom this Saturday night. While the original inn is "all historic and stuff" like a lot of our area, the owners have added on. Unless our esteemed class president (thanks, Tom!) has something up his sleeve, this is your fairly standard hotel cocktail reception.

Due diligence warning, now: H took the pics on his camera phone, which isn't as good as mine. Mine is on the fritz. I don't have hair, makeup, accessories, the correct undergarments, or a clean bedroom. You've been warned.

But the one non-negotiable piece of my ensemble, absolutely unanimously, and even if it weren't, I'd override everyone: The Shoes.

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Serena said...

You have a lot of solid options and look good in all of them. That said, my vote is still for the black Jessica Simpson. You look great in it and, after seeing it on, can see that it looks classy and entirely age appropriate.