19 December 2011

Sleepy Style: Waking Up on Christmas Morning

Snuggling down for a long winter's night.

Even though the DC weather keeps toying with us (hel-LO? mornings freezing and afternoons in the 50s?), I know I'm not the only one happily burrowing in her down comforter every night. I'm the one who sleeps with her windows cracked (when H is out of town, at least - he's a tropical boy) so she gets to burrow even deeper under piles and piles of blankets. My mother claims to have left me on the porch in the winter (albeit in Richmond, VA) to nap as an infant in my pram (when baby carriages were baby carriages and not mechanical wonders).

I'm happiest cold. 

I'm also happiest this time of year because, well, it's Christmas. I'm an unabashed Christmas fan - for secular and religious reasons. Part of it is the joy that comes with the secular part of Christmas morning, and rolling out of bed to the smell of Pillsbury Orange Rolls baking and unwrapping both the surprises Santa left and the predictable we-get-you-this-every-year gifts.

Like the Lanz of Salzburg flannel nightgown we kids would get our mommy every year. Dad would take us to Strawbridge & Clothier, and we'd pick it out, complete with "Lanz" scripted into the pattern. The Nice Ladies would pack it in a box that we would wrap at home. Then, Christmas morning, Mommy would feign surprise at the 10th or 11th nightgown she'd gotten in a row.

But she did live in them, then. And they are the best. I keep trying to get babygirl into them, but she wants to copy me with "yoga pants" and a t-shirt. There is something infinitely cozy about a flannel nightgown, never mind when you top it with a flannel robe. Tuck your toes into fuzzy Minnetonka moccasins,* and you're all set for a night by the fire.

For which, of course, you need a fireplace. And a chimney. Neither of which we have in our upper-floor condo. And the Comcast e-fireplace just don't cut it.

So I'll just share my ideal winter bedtime gear with you, in all its unsexy and unglamorous glory. And see if I can't inspire one or two of you to hit up L.L. Bean or Minnetonka to get ready for January.
*BTW, go check out the Minnetonka site for the bestest mocs ever. Really must get myself a pair. Now.
Christmas Comfy

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