31 January 2012

Style Dilemma: What to Wear to Meet a Fashion God

I'm going to meet Simon Doonan tomorrow.

Yes, he of the Barney's Windows Fame.

Except that now, he's much more than that. He's Barney's Creative Ambassador.

No, I don't know exactly what that means, but I don't really need to know. He. Is. A. Fashion. God.

Or at least a hero with some superpowers.


What does one wear? I know, I know, I'll get to shake his hand, smile at him, ask him to sign my newly purchased book, and maybe, just maybe, he'll spell my name with one "L." All without - most likely - even looking at me. It's an open-to-the-I-sent-an-RSVP-public book party at the W.

What do I wear? I'm hoping beyond hope that I can catch his well-trained eye and garner a gracious response.

What do I wear? I'm hoping to catch his eye with an accessory, since I'm not really happy with my body, and therefore with what I'm draping around it (as I sit here eating potato chips and french onion dip. next week i start with the healthiness, i swear). I'm also hoping for bonus points with either vintage or local talent, like lillybee or Queen Bee Designs.

What do I wear? The immediate response yesterday when I posed the question to the twitterverse was "color, color, and more color." And then "simple elegance." So do I have something - that fits - that hits both of those?

To figure this all out, The Bean and I hosted a bit of a #fashionshow tonight before she went to bed. hillarygrove, TheMadamEditor, and CarlyJaneZ (with jesserker and stylish_in_dc piping in at the end) cast their votes. The funny thing? Their response was, at first, the exact opposite of The Bean's. Team Orange, as they named themselves, loved my drapey Grecian orange knit - that The Bean immediately panned (she came around in the end). Apparently, she doesn't like dresses with belts, "only fashion dresses." (BTW, this rule apparently only applies to me, as she's constantly adding belts to her party dresses.)

The first look, a classic hi-lo combo of Target dress, belt, and Oscar de la Renta sandals, was the quick front runner.

Next votes went for my mod black, white, and grey 9 West shift, then for my vintage brass and green necklace, dress aside. What didn't garner any response - at all - were my grey bronzed T & cargo skirt ensemble and my beautiful red dress that is, well, let's just say I need to put it on again after I start taking care of myself.

So where will I end up? What do I wear? In the end, votes or no votes, it'll be me and my mirror - and my comfort level with myself tomorrow. But in the meantime, if you'd like to cast your vote, head on over to my facebook page, where I have all of the options posted, and critique away.

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