16 March 2012

Favorite Post: Vintage Sap

H is the lovliest man, for all sorts of reasons. One of those reasons, like I mentioned in my What's In Your Bag post Tuesday, is that he brings me lovely gifts. In this post, I share a perfect vintage gift he bought for me, the Girl Who Doesn't Fit Vintage. And why I don't fit vintage. Which reminds me that I should make sure I wear the Gifts From H. Which he reminds me of regularly.

I've got lots of thoughts brewing on this lil' ol' blog here, and while I mull them over, I thought I'd pull some of my favorite posts from the past 6+ years (yes, I'm an Old Blogger).

If you have thoughts, ideas, questions, Style Dilemmas, please do send them along! I'd love to hear what you want to read!


H said...

have you even worn it since that one time in 2008? H

H said...

Have you even worn it since 2008? H

DC Celine said...

Dunno. But since H gets me the Best Presents Ever, I really should wear it, now, shouldn't I? ;-)