04 April 2012

Style Dilemma Solved: Blushing Toes Go Bright

When Kate, who's twitter "about" says "I'm a 50s housewife, in a nerdy kind of way," tweeted for help finding a pair of wide, high(er) heeled nude pumps, I didn't exactly spring to action, but with gentle prodding, I did finally get off my blogger butt and give her some options, here.

In the end, it turned out she didn't need any help from lil' ol' me, seeing as she'd not only managed to find a pair (she went to a brand she knew fit her, which is always a good start), but she found them online, "ignoring" my "get thee to a shoe store and try them on" advice.

Brava! I say, for doesn't she look maaaaaahvelous in her new Corso Como pumps? I'm absolutely in love with her ensemble. Each piece is just a leeeetle bit unexpected: the kelly green blouse is simple, but has sweet, just-below-the-elbow buttons; the white trousers, well, they have a Bow; and the layered long chains + molded cuff make the whole deal not only enviable (in a good way), but attainable and copyable. Kate herself tweeted, "I loved the outfit so much I didn't want to take it off."

I don't blame her one. little. bit. If my name were Kate, and I donned this outfit, I'd rock the day, channeling Kate H. in all sorts of ways. Which I'm sure she did.

The only negative, she tweets, "was how much work it was to get out of those pants." Her day-of tweet? "Love these pants, but with a zipper, a button, two hooks, and a ribbon they are not exactly #gulps4glam compatible."

Here's hoping I'll feel the same way, and not want to take of my outfit when I blatantly copy her, which I'm going to do as soon as I get to that #healthyme goal: on the shopping list? Kelly green blouse and off-white trousers.

Have a style dilemma? Email me, tweet me, facebook me...and I'll see what I can do to help! You just have to promise to update us on the results, like Kate did! Want to see what other Style Dilemmas we've solved here? Search the site for Style Dilemma or Style Dilemma Solved, and twitter for #StyleDilemma. Curious about #gulps4glam? Go find that hashtag, too!


Kate said...

Your help and encouragement were invaluable!

And in all fairness, I did have to order two sizes of the shoes.

DC Celine said...

Well, heck. You cheated.

And always, always willing to support successful shoe buying!