03 May 2012

What I Read on the Web

I’m a terrible blogger. You see, part of being a blogger is that you read other blogs. It’s part of this unspoken Blogger Code.

And I always forget.

And then I remember, and spend a “lunch hour” at my desk with takeout sushi or Chipotle veggie bowl (guac, no sour cream or cheese), and catch up on Everything I Can Remember.'

I do have a few I read regularly, women who’ve become friends and blogging confidents In Real Life (IRL). If you read the blog or follow on facebook or twitter, you know who they are. I’m unabashed in my support for them.

What I thought I’d share today is a few others, those I read regularly - or read when I go “oh, crap, I should’ve read them,” then go catch up on the last 3 weeks of posts. I’ve only met one IRL, despite the fact that all but one have at least spent a good part of the last few years in DC. I am, however, convinced that, if we met IRL, we would be BFFs.

Lord knows we all "talk" enough on that newfangled interwebs thingy called twitter.

Rosa Loves - Rosa, the lone blogger of this group I’ve met IRL, takes beautiful pictures. Through those pictures, she shares little bits of her stylish DC life. Brunching here, having friends make fashion cakes there, I regularly live vicariously through her lens. She also happens to be Really, Really Smart, working in a research lab for her Day Job. Stylish and geeky? No wonder we hit it off. It wasn’t just the Red Lipstick.

What Would Gwyneth Do - This stylish mama managed to get Gwyneth to read her blog. Ballsy. Totally copykatable ballsy, in the best of "why can't I do that" ways. And awesome. But then, so is her blog. She shares bits and pieces of her 2-bean+H life in California. Specifically, LA. Sometimes she makes me cry. I promise it’s not the style posts that make me cry. She doesn't do it often, but when she lets her fingers fly and shares some of That Deeper Stuff, go get the tissues.

Baby Steps in Heels - Formerly known as Capitol Hill Barbie, she picked up and moved to Manhattan (after Pittsburg) and had Reese. So she shifted her focus to How to Do It All. Or at least how to pretend like you do, and look good while you're at it. Oh. And she lives in Manhattan. How we never met IRL while she was in DC on The Hill, I have no idea. None. Also, she loves WWGD, too. (Hilarious coincidence, really. I swear we didn't plan all the blog love.)

The New Diplomat’s Wife - The world traveler. Need I say more? Part of what draws me to this pretty pictures blog is the fact that she started it in my home-away-from-home, Vienna, Austria. Married to a diplomat (duh, title), she shares her travels and her thoughts on style. She's a low key mama whom I didn't even realize was a mama until she sent me the link to this picture. Bad blogger me again. Just makes me pine after - I mean admire her jet-setting ways even more. She also manages to sneak in a non-cheezy-Sound-of-Music reference. Gold.

Now. Please go read them. I promise you'll keep reading them.


The New Diplomat's Wife said...

aw you're too kind! And I didn't know you had that vienna connection! should we reminisce over a melange about the finer points of the former hapsburgian empire?

RosaLovesDC said...

YOU ARE SO SWEET! Thank you for including me among this fantastic group of ladies.

DC Celine said...

NewDiplomatsWife - yup, spent a school year in Baden as a Rotary exchange student. Literally changed my life. So yes, melange or kleiner brauner anytime! Kafe Leopold? Red carnation in the lapel?

Rosa, you are oh, so, welcome. And where are you brunching this weekend? ;-)