19 May 2012

Museum Style: Isabel Toledo and Robin Givhan at the Corcoran

Go, please.

What: Roots of Style with Isabel Toledo

Where: The Corcoran Gallery of Art North Atrium and Auditorium

When: Thursday, 14 June, 6:30 Reception + book sale and signing, 7:45 Discussion

Why: Because Robin Givhan's going to lead the discussion with Ms. Toledo, one of the, as the event notes say, "most celebrated independent fashion designers of our time." I could write something else, except that it's true. She is.

Cost: from free to $35.00, here.

I'd buy my ticket now, but this is the day H and I pack The Beans up in our Swagger Wagon and drive north down tha shore for 2 weeks. So watch Rosa Loves... for a post on the evening. She's the one who alerted me (how'd I miss it?!), so I'm sure she'll capture the night with her lovely images and share. Or at least now that I've written that, I hope she will.

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Just another one of the amazing events with The Fashion Group International, like the one on Yves Saint Laurent, Classicism and Transgression I missed.

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RosaLovesDC said...

Yes ma'am, I will write a post. Now if I can figure out what I am going to wear, it is Ms Toledo after all. You'll be missed.