20 June 2012

Guest Post: Krista Peck and Her Fashion Ilustrations

A while back, in anticipation of an actual vacation, I asked a few online friends if they would be so kind as to "pen" a guest post for me while I'm away. I realized after the fact that the women I've asked all have voices that have become important to me - all for different reasons. So I'd like to share them with you.

Krista Peck's twitter profile (@krista_peck) reads: Business strategy & personal development expert. Photography & illustration dabbler. Chief Creative Officer @Atelier36. In other words, I bow. Feet. I'm not sure how we started "talking" on twitter, but we did. And then we were DMing and emailing. Often at odd hours, since she's in, you know, Germany. So here's what she has to say.

A business strategist by day, I tend to use creativity as an outlet. From web design to iPad illustrations, I like to find some time in the day to play around.

This girl I've created for you is made with an ink blot technique, which appeals to me as an ex-therapist. It's a bit Rorschach.

It's really important to find time for yourself during the day, even if it's 30 minutes here or there. When we get that bit of time, we tend to feel refreshed, making us happier and more productive.

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RosaLovesDC said...

OK, after reading this post, I went to Krista's site and OMG, I am in love!!! Beautiful work!