25 June 2012

Guest Post: Rosa Loves...Lola

A while back, in anticipation of an actual vacation, I asked a few online friends if they would be so kind as to "pen" a guest post for me while I'm away. I realized after the fact that the women I've asked all have voices that have become important to me - all for different reasons. So I'd like to share them with you.

I don't know how I stumbled across Rosa's images, but I did (CapFABB, maybe?). And I'm addicted. I'm pleasantly jealous of the balance she strikes between focus and softness, her colors, and, well, her subjects: she often snaps snots of her brunches. Ones that aren't spent chasing around a 2 year old, like mine are. Here's what she has to say.

Meet Lola, the 4-pound chihuahua who's sort of represents my blog persona. Let me explain. I created my blog more than a year ago with the purpose of sharing all things I love, anything from fashion, food, DC, and even zombies. The images captured by my camera are my way to connect with my readers and to show them a bit of my personality and interests.

My dog Lola is a big part of the blog, not only is she a great model (and knows it!), she is also my partner in crime in many of my adventures. How is she my blog persona? Well, you see, I am not quite comfortable in front of the camera, I prefer the other side. There are no photos of me in the blog, none, and it's not because I am too worried about privacy. I mean, I have a blog where I share bits of my life. While I admire many style bloggers for their courage to put themselves out there with their photos, when I started my blog, I realized that wasn't really for me. I tried. I just didn't think I was really capturing who I was in those self portraits. However, Lola is always by my side and she slowly became a way for me to communicate through my photos.

Case in point, the photos I am sharing in this post clearly show the way I was feeling at the time they were taken: relaxing for a bit before going to an event, enjoying a rainy day indoors, and feeling a little glamorous. It also helps that we both love cupcakes.

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highfashion4less said...

so adorable! i need a lola in my life:) x