13 July 2012

Style Inspiration: For My Husband

Usually, he's H. He started out as F, years and years ago (a few of you remember that). But for those who don't remember, he is The Best Husband Ever.

I was so excited to take him out last night. We were going to have a date. We were going to meet Hal Rubenstein at a book signing at Alton Lane for his newest book, The Gentry Man, then go to dinner. We even had a sitter.

Then the Day Job, well, there's the Day Job. So I spent last night editing a a technical document rather than spending time with the love of my life (one of three, I know, I'm effusive at times) and freezing up when meeting a man with impeccable style and one of The Coolest Jobs, fashion director at In Style magazine.

The evening wasn't totally lost. H was in our favorite grey flannel chair re-watching the current stage of the Tour de France (he watched it earlier, too). At least we were next to each other.

So instead of taking him to check out some impeccable menswear, I'm going to have to settle for sharing Mr. Rubenstein's book - it looks positively fascinating. But then, I'm a sucker for historical fashion and historical writing.

And I also thought that I'd share bits from a board I have over on Pinterest: For H. Some of it is hopeful on my part, but some of it is his style, unequivocably. The Bruno Magli oxfords, for example. H has never met a pair of Italian dress shoes he didn't love.

Clockwise, from top left:
  • 1950s spider tie tack pin one of my favorite jewelry designers, Alexis Bittar, pinned
  • Burberry jacket that recalls one of H's favorites, his German loden jacket
  • Land's End Canvas board shorts short enough for H (he hates those to-the-knee shorts. hates.)
  • Graceful Alton Lane 3-piece suit (a girl can dream about her H wearing a pocket square, right?)
  • Volcano Messenger Bag by Issi (via Young British Designers), which, in his European heritage, H can carry off, especially in this supple color
  • The coolest jacket ever, a Kroon jacket I almost bought H for Christmas last year, with a zip-out insert that makes it seem like you have another jacket underneath (H hates the cold)

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