03 July 2012

Vacation Style: Down Tha Shore in Pictures

I'm adjusting to reality.

I'm not sure I like it.

So while I figure it out, and in case you weren't following along on Instagram (@DCCeline) while we were Down Tha Shore, here's a peek at our two weeks in relative heaven.

There were new bathing suits, attitude, and waves.
(35th Street Beach, Sea Isle City, NJ)

We dressed to the Nines, celebrated a 77th birthday (seriously, does this amazing lady look even removely 77?), and hugged. A lot.
(The Whitebriar, Avalon, NJ)

We found our new Favorite Activity, dined on the bay, and ate lots of chocolate and ice cream, and chocolate ice cream. There might have been chocolate every day.
(Sea Isle City inlet, Deauville Inn, Ocean City NJ Boardwalk)

And then it was our last few days, in which we shopped, had our last afternoon on the beach, and then Met Elmo. Apparently we're in love with Elmo and we didn't know it.
(Ocean City NJ "main street", 35th Street Beach SIC, Shoobie's)

There were mornings at the playground, bike rides on the promenade, visits from friends, more fishing, a new favorite restaurant (Fuze in Avalon), solo days at Revel Resort's Bask Spa for both Mama and Papa, and there may or may not have been a Big Dinner at our favorite Atlantic City indulgence, The Palm.

Then we drove back into a storm (literally), and were back In the City, with an almost-5-year-old (where has the time gone? #sadmama posts ensuing, I'm sure) and a new addiction to All Things Batman.
(Washington, DC, aka Home Sweet Home)

Once again, a special thanks to the Ladies of the Guest Posts (link to all of them here) who kept things running here while we were doing all of the things in this post. If you're not already following them on every social media vehicle available to you, do!

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