31 October 2012

Boo! to You! A Peek into Our Halloween

When we live life at the pace we do, we often don't get to relish the moments. With The Holidays coming, I know I won't get to it all. But this year, starting with Halloween, I will.

Halloween might be The Best Holiday Ever. It's childlike, it's imagination, it's vibrancy, it's gleeful, it's creativity. At least it is in my house - always has been. We grew up with My Mommy making our costumes, and then creating them ourselves. I was Wonder Woman, I was a gypsy. When H and I met much later in life, and we threw two massive Studio 54 parties, I was a costume-changing 70s harlot (I had three different ensembles each party. H had at least that many.)

So even in our crazy lives, when I don't get to do All The Mommy Things, I do two things: I bake their birthday cakes, and I make their Halloween costumes. Up til this year, it's meant a quick tulle skirt, an appropriately colored leotard and tights - oila, it's a flower princess, it's Thomas (of Tom & Jerry), it's Tinkerbell! Bean No. 2 hasn't been up late enough yet to bother.

This year, he was unequivocal: Batman. She started with Alice in Wonderland, and I was to be the White Rabbit. That would've required an actual pattern. Needless to say, when we were flipping through the Martha Stewart Living October issue she'd asked in the grocery line if she could buy, and she fell for the makeup on the grownup evil queen demo ("I wanna be that, Mama!"), I was thrilled. And proud. And so, with a lunchtime trip to Joann's Fabric and Craft to buy the fabric and notions, began the creation of the Evil Queen.

She's been practicing her evil laugh and her evil commands. Batman assures me that, if the Evil Queen puts me in jail, he'll shoot her and save me.

"Pumpkin" sugar cookies for the playground bake sale; the flower princess skirt repurposed for the ballet princess at Saturday's class, when they were allowed to wear something other than their ballet uniforms (and we were allowed to watch); a neighborhood home All Done Up (taken by The Bean out the car window)

Creating her crown; the beginnings of the Batsuit; the start of the skirt

Batman's first fitting; the Evil Queen's cape fitting; Grandmom's sewing kit, still in some of the original packaging and the Sucrets tins she used

The skirt nearly final; Batman's final fitting (he wouldn't take it off); the Evil Queen's final fitting (pose all very much her own)

And Mama? I love Halloween (and my Beans) so much that I let them pick: "What should Mama be for Halloween?"

"You witch, Mama," piped up No. 2.

I've got my hat, complete with spidery veil. And you?



RosaLovesDC said...

Oh so cute! I always loved dressing up for Halloween as a kid. Hope you have a great Halloween.

Alison (Wardrobe Oxygen) said...

Love their costumes, they look adorable!