24 October 2012

Personal Style: Who's That Girl?

I get it all the time. PR pitches addressed to "Celine." People seem shocked when they find out that my name isn't. And it isn't even close. But there is a story to it, one that I actually hold very near and dear to my heart.

And so, on this day when I'd have loved to post a new style dilemma for you, or told you about some event, but didn't get to it, well, I figured I'd answer that question, "Who's That Girl?" So head on over to that ubiquitous "About" page, here, and find out.

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Then, if you like what you see, and this blog is the only place you've come across me so far, well, then, get on the social media wagon and follow me elsewhere...

DC Celine on Facebook - I don't read as many blogs as some, but I do have my favorites. I share links, photos, and other interesting fashion and style things that pop up in my own feeds here. And, for those not on Instagram, I periodically post my Instagram pics (at least from my #twitterfashionshows) here, too. Have a question about something you see on my facebook page, just comment, and I'll track down the answer!

DC Celine on Twitter - 140 characters of fashion and style focused chatter. Fairly regular tweets on what I've been #wearing. I also share where I've been that relates to my own fashion, style, and personal journey (no, I'm not "mayor" of the Starbucks and the yoga studio, I swear). Have a style dilemma or a "where do I eat in DC" question? Tweet at me, and I'll give you my (solicited) opinion!

DC Celine on Pinterest - For those who follow the blog, you know that, even when I'm too swamped to post regularly, I can usually find a few minutes to pin. I've got boards for everything from seasonal clothing (Winter Girl) to aspirational fashion (Pie in the Sky) to #healthyme to my travel desires (Where My Heart Wants to Go). And if you contact me with a style dilemma, and are on pinterest, we can do a collaborative board, like we did to find City and Sand's reception frock.

DC Celine on Instagram (@DC Celine) - Some don't get the "filters." I, on the other hand, love them for Making My Pictures Look Better. And since I'm not an Outfit of the Day #OOTD poster, but sometimes want to share at least the concept of what I've thrown on, I find it easy to make a simple shot shine. Also, The Beans. And H.

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ha, I never knew!