07 January 2013

Break in Style: Please Forgive the Blogger

Clockwise, from top left: Wonder, angel chimes, and advent calendars otherwise known as Important Pieces of the Season; the gift I was most excited to give (more of what photographer Amy Carmichael Smith captured of the Beans here); NYE in my flannel and ragg; packed up and ready to go for my first workout of the year January 2; all dolled up and ready to go (from the Willard Hotel lobby to a party at the Museum of American History); fully back to work, mixing prints, colors, and textures in the hopes of getting through long days.

You've heard this from me before, but life is a little crazy at the moment. As much as I love blogging, and as much as it's a break from the day-to-day grind for me to whip up an answer to a question or a few thoughts on a stylish topic, I need to take a bit of a break. At least from regular posts. I know better than to say there won't be anything for a bit - I say that, then I somehow find the time to post three in a row.

But since you've been reading, many of you, for a Very Long Time (bows gratefully in thanks), you know I'll be back. In the meantime, I'll still tweet, Instagram, and even a bit of facebook, since those are literally at my fingertips wherever I am, in whatever line I'm waiting.

Happy New Year, and may 2013 bring you style inspiration from unexpected places.

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Maria Jose Ovalle said...

I take breaks all the time, if I'm not feeling it I can't force myself to blog. I took a two week break and just got back in. Now will be on a break again :) BABY TIME!