08 April 2013

Summer Style: Summer Picks to Get Through a Slow Spring

You know me, I'm a Winter Girl, capital "W," capital "G." But I can't help hoping, wishing, and dreaming for our annual weeks Down Tha Shore. While I haven't gotten around to actually really thinking about shopping (though I do need a new bikini or three. And maybe a good, old-fashioned maillot, perhaps with a plunging neckline?), I am daydreaming about our relaxed, easy life at the beach (and how wonderful it would be if it were, you know, Our Life All the Time).
Getting there means packing everything under the sun, despite my dreams of traveling light. But maybe this year I'll get some actual, you know, maps for The Beans to follow along and mark places we've been. Photo via.

This is one of the entrances to the Sea Isle City Beach, oh, you know, about 1000 yards from our place. And yes, it is that peaceful. At least in the off season. My own photo, also here.

We have a jumble of haphazard, unmatching beach towels. And random old sheets. How wonderful would this big bright beach blanket be? Boo. Looks like the site no longer carries this gem, but it does mean that I just discovered Ten Over 6. Bad news for my wallet.

Those COLORS. I'm obsessed with the vividness of this shot, and wonder if I could pull it off. It would be perfectly marvelous for dressing up a relaxed summer look. Photo via.

This is the year I buy a vintagey beach bike. And tool around town. Oh, and maybe buy a beach-y print or two from Ms. Cardinalli, who inked this sweet image.

Ripped, torn, painted, frayed, tied, and relaxed. That'll be me, albeit perhaps a tad less sultry. Photo via.

What are your summer dreams for 2013?

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