06 August 2013

Men's Style: Weekend Rocker Vibe a la Adam Levine. Really.

No bones about it, this here blog is all about women's style. Except on the rare occasion it isn't. Like when I toast H, or answer the occasional menswear question (here, too), or over on Pinterest where I cull pieces I'd love my H to wear.

It seems like men are just made for cool casual wear, and women usually want to borrow it. Like I do. I have a whole board of my own for the weekend vibe. Much of it is that slightly rugged, vintage-y, yet modern sense that's all the rage at the moment (or really, hasn't it always been "in" for Americans? Isn't that what we're all about?)

Anywho, when I saw (and I never look at online videos for some reason, but I did when I saw this - couldn't tell you why) this peek into Adam Levine's upcoming Kmart collection, well, it lines right up with the rocker vibe H and I both favor on weekends.

(if the video intrigues you, you can jump over to Adam's - because we're on a first-name basis - Shop Your Way page and sign up for the full version)

So. There are cool details, grounded colors, and that just-worn-enough quality a girl wants her guy to have on a casual day.

There's also a chance to win tickets. To Maroon 5 x Kelly Clarkson. Really. Sure, it's a sweepstakes, and our chances are a bazillion-to-whatever of winning, but you just. never. know. So go check out Shop Your Way (where you can collect your favorite products and sort of make your own "catalog," all via your existing social networks) and register to win, right over here.

And then you can tell me whether you're really trying to win for Maroon 5 or for Kelly.

and oh, btw, I'm not getting a darned thing for the post, just found the collection - and the contest - pretty cool and thought you all might be interested. Let me know what you think!

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