03 March 2014

Paris Fashion Week: Kenzo Fall and Spring 2014 RTW Through the Bean's Eyes

"The foll cklleckshin was vare martin if the sprening was tieek that I wad sae that dut the sprening ckleckshin was spntacklear."
Translated, she wrote: "The fall collection was very mod-er-in. If the spring was [I'll update it when she's up in the morning] that I would say that the spring collection was spectac-lee-ar."
She bugged me for a full 24 hours until I put up her review. I may have created a monster. Here are her picks, some of which she noted in the left hand column above.



Images courtesy Style.com
Should you care to read a review of Kenzo's Fall 2014 RTW collection, hop over to my review on Glass.

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