22 April 2014

Healthy Style: 5 Ways to "Make it Work" When You've Lost Your Style Mojo

"I've been struggling lately with food and activity, not to mention work-life balance. My #healthyme clothes don't fit like they did (10+ extra lbs will do that), so I find myself returning to old comforting strategies: perfect shoes, bright toes, and color. Lots of color. It may not improve my mood much right now, but every little but helps #WW #ootd #wearing @gap perfect khakis, @lillybeeshoes Ann, and pedi colors picked by the Bean"

When I put my tootsies up on Instagram this morning, I wasn't feelin' it. I haven't been feelin' it much at all lately. I've been feeling like I added an extra layer in a lot of ways - not the least of which is from extra food and increased inactivity.

I've lost my #healthyme mojo.

I'm not sure where I lost it, but I've been struggling some over the last year, starting last Easter. You see, I had a major run in with some jelly beans. That reminded me how sensitive I am to sugar, and sent me into a bit of a spiral. My activity stayed up for a while, so I was able to maintain reasonably, and even get back to my happy body place and fit into an amazing yellow dress.

But for the last few months, it's been worse. I've been eating well, cleanly, and happily. I've been eating too much. And then, after running a lot, I've stopped. As much as I love it, I haven't lifted a toe, really. So on came the pounds.

And then the clothes don't fit. Getting dressed in the morning isn't interesting right now, as much as I like my closet. When I can't wear whatever I want, it's just not.

So I'm calling "truce" with my body, and listening to my soul. I'm going to slowly return to the strategies that got me to my #healthyme goal, and adjust as needed. In the meantime, I'll reuse strategies that comfort me like I did today. These 5 things will help me "make it work" until I'm out from under the cloud.
  1. Find 3 things that work. 3 things that, with other stuff in my closet, will get me through. I don't have to love them. Number 1? The power pants.
  2. Reuse those 3 things to no end. We think others are keeping track, but they're not. And reusing things makes it easy, if only for a little while.
  3. Get a manicure. Or a pedicure. Or both. Nothing does a lady good like pretty fingers and toes. Really. I could look at mine all day and they make me smile. Currently, these pink butterflied toes and silver sparkly fingers.
  4. Pick out the one pair of shoes that makes me walk taller - whether they're heels or not. I haven't worn these old favorites in ages (um, winter), but I'm so glad I broke them out. I'll be reusing. Many times.
  5. Find one item - be it clothing, shoe, or accessory - that's as bright as can be. You guessed it: reuse it. Wear it to death. Make it a "signature piece."

Only I'm not sure how many times I can wear my "power pants" before it gets a little ridiculous.


Alison said...

I love this post. I had a VERY ROUGH beginning to 2014 and well, the end of 2013 wasn't too hot either. I got to where I wondered if I could get out on my own, especially considering the history of depression with my dad and extended family.

I saw a YouTube video of a girl who was called scrawny and started doing pushups every day for 100 days and was cut and strong. And I cried because with what happened to my arm I doubt I will ever be able to do another pushup, or plank, or handstand. But then I thought I can do something else every day for 100 days. And so I started walking. Only 30 minutes, I only have to do 30 minutes and I won't track distance or speed or calories burned. I can use it as a walking meditation or a power workout, but I have to do it. I won't do it to lose weight or fit in my favorite dress or look good, I will do it to get back to the me who isn't so low. And if after 100 days I am still low, I will then look to professional help. Oh, and regular manicures, I bought some TanTowels to not look like death but not get more wrinkles, and I am wearing the same black pants about three times a week because K says they make my ass look fantastic. :) And with each day of shiny nails and a little sweat I feel a bit more me again. :)

You inspire me so much, this post is motivation to keep on keeping on and know none of us are alone in this fight. <3

DC Celine said...

Alison, this itself is so inspiring, and may very well be what gets me out the door today to at least walk, if not run.

Also, K is VERY smart. Very.

dcresider said...

Hi from Nancy/ww/decresider/citygirl. I have so many user IDs that I should just keep one. Oh well. I found your blog and now you can't get rid of me. LOL!! We are all going through some kind of struggle, so we'll just keep supporting each other while we can.