27 October 2014

Style Inspiration: What I'm Pinning Right Now

The seasons have changed, and I'm a happy mama. I come alive in this brisk, clean air. I perk up when the wind whips a little and swirls the leaf kaleidoscope. Our lives have changed a little at home, too. A lot, actually, and we're adjusting to new routines, new responsibilities, and new worlds. It's all good, if chaotic, but we're finding our structure.

In the middle of it all, I'm peeking back into the interwebs for a bit of inspiration. I dipped my toe back into the fashion world Saturday when I got to meet Debra Rapoport, one of the Advanced Style blog, book, and film stars, and the film's director, Lina Pliopyte. It's positively impossible not to be inspired by these two. When I last saw them, they were ducking out of the brunch in their honor to go hit Buffalo Exchange for some thrifting.

5 minutes of glorious conversation with Debra Rapoport? Priceless. (Thanks, Allie, for the invitation and the photo!)

So I took to the interwebs a bit this morning, in hopes of getting back in the swing of things. I went to Pinterest because, well, easy access to images. I played around a bit, and here's what I'm using right now.

My top boards - where I'm focusing at the moment.

Winter Girl - give me a slouchy, big sweater, and I'm a happy camper. Bring on the wool and the plaid and the cozy flannel. Throw in a blustery day, and I'm all eyes-rolling-back happy. Right now, I'm just over-the-moon to see that J. Crew brought back it's Big Turtleneck sweater.

#HealthyMe - the journey I started 3 years ago next February is a lifelong journey. At the moment, I'm doing a 3 week, nutritionist-led cleanse. Because it's about nourishing my body with nutrient-rich foods, and it's fall, so our Washington's Green Grocer "healthy box" comes full of autumnal goodness, I'm searching for recipes almost daily. Yesterday, it was for celeriac, and I found this creamy deliciousness.

Weekends Around Town - while lately, I've been in running gear and schlumpy sweats to train for the Philadelphia Marathon half and to clean up our crazy home, but I'm a sucker for easy casual goodness, a la Carolyn Bessette Kennedy's classic black turtleneck and retro cords.

Carry All - some folks have the lives for quick fall getaways. We don't, but we do have some travel coming up: an overnight for the USMC Birthday Ball, a weekend in Philadelphia for my half marathon, and then the holidays. We have to pack for the whole family, but it doesn't mean we can't carry well. This bright orange overnight bag would have room for the Bean and me to stash our duds...and maybe for the boys, as well.

Bells on My Toes - somewhere in the past 6 months, my beloved investment shoes, my Stuart Weitzman black patent and python pumps are both too big for me. I've tried every pad and trick in the book, to no avail. That means I'm on the hunt for new pumps. ASAP. These might not fit the practical bill, but they. are. amazing.

Other things on my mind in the next while: party planning (Halloween), organizing our home, my continuing obsession with rock star style, writing, updating our home's design, and galas. A girl always needs a gala.

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