30 December 2005

The Greatest Accessory Ever

...is the eyebrow grooming.

I started a long time ago...and was very afraid. I was at my regular salon for a haircut, and decided to take advantage of the "complimentary makeup touchup" after I was done. Azi took care of me - made me look like me - only better...and then asked if I'd ever plucked my eyebrows.

"Uh uh," I said. She offered to do it for me. It wasn't expensive - $20, I think, so I went for it. Best thing I ever did. Amazing what a difference it makes. It really does. Opened up my whole face. Gave my face presence (I know it sounds silly, but it's true!) and purpose.

Long story short, Azi eventually left the salon, and I was lazy and didn't track her down. So I figured I'd maintain myself...uh huh. While I certainly kept them from being super fuzzy, I knew I wasn't the talented plucker.

And then a girlfriend found Erwin. Written up somewhere as "The Eyebrow Guru," she figured she'd give him a shot. Thank goodness she did. She came back with lovely brows and orders not to touch them - if she did, he wouldn't do them ever again. Now that's my kind of stylist. Take charge. No, you're doing it wrong, and don't ever do that again.

So I made my appointment, and in I went. Erwin's a doll. Sweet, smart, and the fastest wax in the District. Five minutes is a long appointment with him. But I always want to stay longer. I want to soak up his style. Impeccably dressed and groomed. Always. And unassuming. Not to mention kind.

Then, about a year after I discovered him, he passed me his card and told me he was opening his own place. First of all, it was the coolest card ever. Translucent, slim, simple. I emailed him, found out where he was seeing clients in between The Old Place and His New Place.

And now he's just about to open up Erwin Gomez Salon and Spa. I went in just yesterday (it had been just a little too long, but somehow I kept forgetting to pick up the phone). The space isn't done yet (they're working out of the upstairs right now), but it's all a bustle with activity. I felt like I was at a friend's house before a really cool party.

I can't help be a little perturbed (though happy for him, of course) that my grooming secret is out. Daily Candy found Erwin...so now the rest of the world will, too. It's kinda like that restaurant-that-you-love-so-you-want-to-tell-everyone-about-it-but-you-don't-wanna-because-then-if-too-many-people-know-you-won't-be-able-to-get-a-table dilemma.

But the secret's out, and it really is the best thing I've done for myself, appearance-wise. Doesn't take long, doesn't take much. And it only hurts a little. So go. It's worth it.

Just don't take my appointment.

And say hello to Chanel for me. She's the real star of the salon.


Asian Mistress said...

I am obsessed with my eyebrows. Have to get them done every 2 weeks. I LOVE threading...it's wonderful - better than waxing!

Anonymous said...

threading is not as sanitary as waxing. It is much better to waz

Erwin's fan for more than 8 years said...

Erwin Gomez will change your life. He truly will. Call his salon immediately. You and your brows will never be the same. Go 'head, girrrl - you deserve it. 202-333-7290

Anonymous said...

Is he really worth $50???

DC Celine said...

Yup. Though there are other good people out there for less.