03 January 2006

Well done? Shirt dress or really belted coat

Caught at work late...metro...going up the Van Ness Metro escalator. She was far enough in front of me that I'm not sure if it was well done or not. Deep forest/teal green. Knee-length, belted tightly at the waist. Long sleeves, poofy shoulders. (Just can't decide how I feel about them - I didn't really like them when they were "in" in the 80s...don't know how I feel about them now.) It could've been a really gutsy shirtdress. Or a really interesting light winter coat or raincoat.

Or it could've been a woman caught in bad-teacher-style...we all had at least one of them...the teacher who hadn't changed her style since 1983, complete with feathered and/or frosted hair, blue eyelids, and harshly blushed cheeks.

Wish I knew.

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ronna said...

Another new"eyebrow guru"is Gina from NU YU DAY SPA in Alexandria Va.She is as good as Anastasia,both romanians!