10 January 2006

Fishnets can be done - I swear

The other day, a friend wrote me and referenced my blog. After being delieriously happy that someone was reading it (I'm still a newbie, and just get a kick out of other people reading what I've written) this was our conversation...

Me: So you read my blog?

My Stylish Southern-But-Not-A-Belle Girlfriend: Of course I read your blog. I was hose-free that day and wanted to think about fishnets. Unfortunately, fishnets at [very conservative office in the South] just isn't going to work.

Me: can you wear w/ boots, so not so much shows? or a different color? like the "nude" ones that are out there? i mean, i'm in a pretty conservative environment, and i get away w/ it - just make sure the rest of the outfit is super conservative.

Not-A-Belle: Nude ones would probably work here, particularly if w/boots. Are you wearing them all the time?

Me: Uh huh. Known for it in the office. May not be a good thing, but I'll take it. At least I'm not showing cleavage ;-)

1 comment:

NotCarrie said...

Oh I just love your blog! I'm addicted to fashion!!!

I want to wear fishnets, like whoa. It's hard to find ones long enough (I'm tall)...what kinds do you like??