10 January 2006

Banana = Ann Taylor?

Usually a pleasant surprise when the Banana email announcing "new looks" arrives. Tells me what's going to be all over stores...and sometimes (especially the last 4-5 seasons) there are a few really cool, not-so-expensive pieces I can mildly drool over. Sometimes I even go get one.

So I see today's announcement in my inbox...super full day at work, so didn't see it until I got home, ate dinner, and did a little more work...and then I opened it.

Initial glance of the "Modern American Sportswear" is incredibly disappointing. Boring, in fact. The 3 outfits they picked for the html email are just plain old boring. A trench. Blue & white plaid. A white button down. Ugh.

Now, if any of these pieces turn out to have interesting details, I'll be happy to retract. But I'm thinkin' that these don't even fall into "classics" to build a wardrobe.

Ugh. Prove me wrong, please.

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