10 January 2006

I wasn't sure...but I'm likin' the short suits

When I saw Lindsay & all the little Hollywood hotties wearing the longer shorts with heels last fall, I wasn't so sure about them. Sometimes it was ok, but I kept focusing on the shoes (always fabulous), and wasn't really registering the shorts...just didn't do anything for me.

And then the designers kept at it. They showed up for spring, too, and for summer. As full suits. Funky suits.

And I'm likin' it.

I'm so tempted to try it. Told my Other-Funky-Clothed-Friend in the office that she had to try it first (she's a graphic designer, so people expect her to be "different"), then I'd follow right after her. We pledged to go try them on & see if we could pull it off (body type concerns).

But really am likin' it.

Picture this...light, not stubby tweed, in the camel/brown family. Shorter jacket, longer short. Gentle cream blouse - not too structured, not too frilly. Make it the "normal" piece in the bunch. Then, since spring can be chilly, add a pair of richly colored, maybe textured tights. And then I see some jewel toned girly shoes - t-straps or peep toes.

Essentially, treat the long short suit as a skirt suit. But it's not. As long as it doesn't look like a flahback to culottes (sp?), like I forgot which decade and century we're in, it's so much more.

I'll let you know if I try it. Maybe a trip to the CoOp for the Philip Lim 3.1pair I saw is in order.

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NotCarrie said...

Sounds adorable! I love that look but don't think I can pull it off...