12 January 2006

Well done - Technicolor dreamcoat on the Metro

Morning rush hour. Red and Yellow lines. Normally a pretty drab commute. Most color I see is when I hit Gallery Place and I start seeing uniforms - Air Force blue, Army green - you get the picture.

So this morning I was drowsily trying to keep my balance (my Metro driver this morning was a little heavy on the brake pedal), when a stream of color flowed onto the train...
  • A kelly green wool coat - 3/4 length, great details at the cuffs
  • A sky blue wool coat - 3/4 length, cute buttons
  • A pretty pink raincoat - also 3/4 length
  • A warm rust jacket - mildly quilted (but not puffy)
  • A classic red wool coat - neatly textured with diagonal ribbing
It was really a treat to my tired eyes. Out of the sea of black, navy, khaki, and the occasional "bright" camel came a flood of pretty brights.

Way to go, DC ladies!


NotCarrie said...

I want a bright pink raincoat! and galoshes!

I do love black and wear it usually but you're right, color really makes a difference sometimes!

DC Celine said...

I was so tickled when I saw cute rainboots show up. That's the best part about runways right now is that they're fun & have a sense of humor.

A pink raincoat sounds fab. I'm getting flashbacks to the ones we had when we were little - with duckies or some other kid print inside!

NotCarrie said...

Yes! the inside print just has to be cute!