27 January 2006

What to Wear? to an afternoon wedding reception

A lovely girlfriend of mine asked me a few weeks ago:

"What should I wear to an afternoon wedding reception at a club out in Tysons?" The wedding's already been...this is just the post-small-ceremony party.

The answer was quickly clear. My friend has an angelic look (insert joke about her real self here) about her. Alabaster skin, long lashes, and these gorgeous golden curls cascading...she looks best in pretty (think girly Anthropologie).

So pretty is what I suggested. "Like you'd wear to a shower" (baby or wedding) - a girly skirt and sweet cardigan with a dainty cami underneath.

I don't know what she wore in the end - I'll have to ask her. But I'm sure she looked great. And who cares? She didn't know anyone but the groom and his sister anyway!

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