27 January 2006

Setback: Where to find the best shoes in DC?

Now. I've been all over the city, and have tried some of the boutiques. I just wasn't happy with what I saw (or could afford!). A girl needs help, every once in a while.

I'm sad to report that I seem to have mildly aggrevated my foot again (Metroing in DC doesn't work the foot muscles like driving a rental car does). So I'm back in lower heels, if not flats - at least for a little while. The pair I've been wearing (black patent leather, little button detail) aren't going to last much longer.

Anyone have a suggestion for a less-than-(ARGH!)-one-inch heel that I can be proud to wear? A little funk would be nice. And if you can help me discover some unknown DC shoe heaven, that'd be even better!

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