04 February 2006

European Comfort & Panache

Today was an adventure.

Trip in the rain to National Airport. Fiancé's headed off to SoBe (South Beach, Miami) without me. (I'm being practical and responsible. And it stinks.)

Metro ride to Pentagon City with my Mother-In-Law-To-Be (MILTB). Checked out Costco. Madhouse.

Dash in the rain across to Pentagon City Mall. MILTB had her hair done. And we got a crepe, too!

A run around the jewelry department at Macy's - so much fun stuff out there. Big & chunky, long and elegant, all sorts of colors.

Then by metro and cab to see Erwin. Rip, rip, my brows were no longer messy. And MILTB fell in love with Erwin ("He's a good looking guy," she gushed.)

Then trapsed up the road to Cady's Alley. It was a surprise for MILTB. Her being Romanian, me having lived in Austria & Germany, we both miss pastry/coffeeshops. I'd heard from an Austrian friend that Leopold's Kafe Konditerei was the real thing.

It's the real thing.

Sleek and modern, comfortable and warm. Loooooooooooooong refridgerated cases filled with dobosh torte, Sachertorte, merengue, mousse, chocolates, turkish delight...all sorts of lovely pastries.

We were in Europe. Right in the middle of Georgetown. The menu is in German (with English underneath), and all of the real stuff is there.

Even the paramount Viennese coffee, einer Kleiner Brauner. Espresso with a dollop of cappucino foam, served on an oval silver tray with a tiny little glass of water and a spoon.

I was transported from the rainy, nasty day all the way to cozy sidestreets in Vienna.


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