06 February 2006

Flirty Feet, Unite & Be Seen!

It must've been halftime. I know this because I was otherwise glued to the TV last night. Fiancé's Stillers nearly blew it. I was so nervous my stomach was upset.

But Steelers' Victory aside, I wandered up to the kitchen at halftime. Everyone was in stocking feet; we all feel at home at K's place. I look down, and there, on some toes, were the most adorable turtle socks. I thought I knew them...thought I had some just like them...turns out they were a little different.

What launched, though, was a conversation about printed socks. I sat there in a little bit of disbelief.

"I have some, too," one woman commented. "And my husband thinks they're silly. He says it must be a 'girl thing."

"It is," said another, by way of explanation to her husband. And I was excited - the mild rebellion is spreading! Then she continued. "All girls have fun socks they wear underneath things so they can't be seen."

So they can't be seen?!

I was so sad. It's a sad state of affairs when a girl can't add a little teeny tiny bit of funk to her day, whether with socks, earrings, or the color of a blouse. Now, as K's a lawyer, I'm guessing that a good number of the other women there last night were, too. I suppose law firms are the most stuffy of all D.C. stuffiness, but it just made me so sad to hear that they have to hide their socks.

Let your feet show proudly, girls! Don't be afraid! They deserve to see the light of day - and bring a little sunshine into lives!


Miss Scarlet said...

Hmm, I tend to save my boring socks for the outfits where they can't be seen.

DC Celine said...

I'm the same way - I'm with J - fun socks make great conversation starters

Miss Scarlet said...

OK, I really need to learn to read more before I comment;) Just saw "fiance" line, haha. I'm dumb.