10 February 2006

Fashion rut is back

Little tiny shining moments this week:
  • My present necklace
  • My choice of layered necklaces today
  • My glittery moccasins
  • Wearing my hair down today
  • Getting back in heels
But other than that, I'm really feelin' the blues...just not feelin' put together. I am perfectly presentable, I'm sure. But just not happy with the total effect (see my earlier post, The times when it's OK not to be stylish).

Maybe it's a reflection of how I'm feeling, or maybe it's the other way around. Clothing choices can certainly be mood lifters...but it's just not workin.

1 comment:

Miss Scarlet said...

I'm still in my rut. Scarves make me happy though so the cold weather has been nice.