10 February 2006

Best Snow Bunny Outfit Contest

Provided we actually get the snow they say we're going to get, I propose:

THE FIRST ANNUAL (ok, it'll probably happen a few times a year) SNOW BUNNY OUTFIT CONTEST

As Scarlet and I have both been lamenting, fashion is at a low...but scarves, mittens, hats, and coats can be fun - or funny. So here's what I'm thinking...
  • See a cute and/or funny Snow Bunny outfit while you're out sledding down Wisconsin Ave through Georgetown?
  • If you're technologically advanced, capture it with your cameraphone
  • If you're low-tech like me (I can't even figure out how to post pictures to this blog yet), remember it
  • Come inside, get some spiked hot chocolate, then come back to this post.
  • Comment on this post about the outfit (does anyone know if you can post pics in comments?) with a lively description. (Later on, we'll figure out if we can post the lovely cameraphone pics.)
GRAND PRIZE: Bragging rights.


DC Celine said...

Well, we did get the snow, but I didn't see a single inspired snow bunny outfit. Saw a couple of cute pairs of boots...anyone else?

Miss Scarlet said...

My sister has a cute golashes outfit:) I couldn't get a picture though.

DC Celine said...

Describe for us! Galoshes are cool!

Serena said...

Once hit with snow, I realized how much of a snow 'No' I am. This girl still hasn't figured out how to handle the weather up here. I wasn't alone though. No awesome snow bunnies out my way : (

Miss Scarlet said...

Black galoshes with colorful polka dots...dark jeans rolled up to expose cute galoshes and her big puffy white winter coat.

I rocked my green cashmere wrap all weekend! ( http://www.jcrew.com/catalog/product.jhtml?id=prod68833611&catId=cat100159 ) I'm addicted to it.

DC Celine said...

FlameOn, I happily walked to AdMo from Woodley Park, then from the CVS home afterwards...I remembered just the opposite - that I'm a snow "yes." It was all so pretty, quiet, and soft!

Props to your sis, Scarlet, the rolled jeans & polkadot galoshes definitely wins!