13 February 2006

Snow Bunny Derth

Well, we got the snow.

But I didn't see a single inspired snow bunny outfit. Saw lots of girls running around Adams Morgan Saturday night with too little clothing on - and that certainly does not count.

Did see a couple of pairs of cute boots.

I thoroughly enjoyed the looks I got (have no idea if they were appreciative or "what the heck is she wearing") when I wore my little fur cap all night at The Reef Saturday night. I think I look vaguely Russian when I wear it. And it certainly kept me warm on my trek from the Woodley Park Metro.


Miss Scarlet said...

Aw, I would have appreciated it...I love anything "Russian".

I am finally excited about my outfit! I love the skirt I'm wearing today:)

DC Celine said...

What kind of skirt?

Miss Scarlet said...

Ummm, it's kind of a tan/stone/olive color and knee length with the little flippiness in the back. I just love the way it looks on me...I'm totally comfortable in it:)

DC Celine said...

That's so the most important part of an outfit - how you feel in it. And flippiness = always good ;-)