14 February 2006

I'm Jingling Today

Yup, I make noise when I type, and when I walk, and when I gesture emphatically during a presentation.

And it makes me happy.

We got a pleasant surprise yesterday when a package arrived for us from Greece. F's cousin in Athens sent us presents just because (really, those are the best kind of presents). F got a silver keychain, MIL a wonderful charm bracelet with all sorts of colored and silver beads.

And GreekCuz sent me a little silver charm bracelet with hollow silver and gold beads and light metal (silver, rose, and gold) flower cutouts. It makes the most delightful sound when I move my arm.

It's going to keep me happy all day long. I'm easily amused, I suppose. But at least I'm not happy just because it's shiny. I'm happy because it's shiny and it makes noise. :-)


Miss Scarlet said...

haha! shiny and noise-wow!

Greece is one of those places where I could get anything from there and be happy.

DC Celine said...

Have you been? I've always wanted to go...it's possible we'll go later this year. I've wanted to go ever since I played "MASH" (Mansion, Apartment, Shack, House) in elementary school. It was always one of my honeymoon choices (I was obsessed with the Greek myths). Now I'm obsessed with Greek yogurt, and am marrying a guy who's a quarter Greek.

Miss Scarlet said...

No I've never been but I want to so badly! It always looks so gorgeous in movies and on TV. I want to go lounge on a boat all day there...mmm!