20 February 2006

Next best fashion accessory - Cleaning out the closet!

I'm not kidding. Great accessory. Simply for the fact that I discovered all sorts of things I didn't know I had (or didn't know F had, that fit me). My "fun" wardrobe has expanded considerably. This weekends closet-cleaning-swag:
  • Old-school soccer jerseys from F's high school & travel team days
  • Old-school warm-up jacket (also a steal from F)
  • Lovely long woven belt perfect for tying & draping - dug out of a trunk of things MIL had from Romania
  • Adorable 60s-print (read: lots of color) tie headbands (more from the trunk)
I'm thinkin' my vintage warm-up jacket's gonna make Fergie jealous. Don't you?


Miss Scarlet said...

I visited my sister at college and got one of my sweaters back...It's sort of the same thing, right? ha!

DC Celine said...

it is - i gathered things back from my sis before she moved...