23 February 2006

More straight-laced than D.C.?

Yup, there is such a place. At least I think there is. Before I raise all sorts of ruckus and get folks all offended, I will say that the extent of my visit so far is the drive down through horse country and the hotel.

And I'm not expecting Charlottesville, VA, to be a fashion mecca.

I will express my bias: I went to another ACC school. Being in Wahoo-land is tough. And I'm going to make the leap that it's tough, style-wise, too.

I'll be sure to report if I get out of the hotel and my meetings with the most dull of all fashion plates - the 50-Something-White-Male-Engineer.

1 comment:

Miss Scarlet said...

Aw, "Horse Country"-that's where I live:)