23 February 2006

OTR - Report from Charlottesville

Well, the 50-year-old-white-men aren't kickin' it in the style sense, but I did manage a little bit of a wander down a little side street (on our way to the "social"). And there I made the most amazing find...

Strapless, empire waist, bust covered in tarnished silver round-corner paillettes (sp?). Knee length winter white crinkle tulip skirt. Difficult to describe in writing - amazing enough to catch my eye from the street.

Just wish 1) that the boutique was still open (maybe I can swing by tomorrow after the meeting's over), 2) that I knew the name of the boutique, and 3) that I knew the name of the designer.

The dress was fantastic. And there were a few other pieces in the window that I could've bought, too...if I manage to get in tomorrow before I head back to D.C.'s stores, I'll let you know.

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