17 February 2006

No Matchy-Matchy Man for Me

Getting ready this morning. Slow and late as usual. I'm happily putting on what have become my "Friday Shoes" (my sparkly mocs). F asks me,

"Do these shoes go with this sweater?"

He's referring to caramel brown funky dress shoes (which we bought in an emergency run when he discovered, during a snowstorm, that the shoes he was wearing had a hole in the sole). And he wants to know if wearing them with a black sweater is OK.

"Absolutely," I tell him. Actually, they look great. He's got on clean-lined tan pants, a black crewneck sweater, and the shoes. Very elegant.

And Not Matchy-Matchy.

He still wasn't so sure. So I launched into the story about J's caramel suede shoes with her black pinstriped suit.

"You're comparing my manly clothes to J's outfit?"

"Yes I am." Same concept. Treat the brown as a color. Never mind that brown & black together is a perfectly respectable, sometimes even envelope-pushing combination. Shows a bit of panache, I think.


Miss Scarlet said...

Good advice. I like the brown/black combo when done correctly.

How do you feel about (well-done) brown and navy blue? I love mixing those "no, no" colors.

DC Celine said...

I'm a cheering fan of well-done brown & navy...had a big discussion w/ my sis about it a while back. In my mind, why wouldn't you put the two together? And when I think about that, then black & navy seems, well, passé.

Miss Scarlet said...

Exactly! We are SO on the same page here:)